Crop Trials

increase crop yields

Crop Trials
N-Boost® is recognised internationally where it is largely used in broadacre and intensive
cropping situations.

N-Boost® has been proven to provide commercially viable yield increases on a range of significant broadacre and intensive vegetable crops.

Over 250 replicated trials have been conducted on 25 different crop types. In trials designed to quantify yield improvement, the overall average yield increase for the N-Boost® treated crops was 9.8% compared to the untreated crops.

cropping with N-Boost

application on crops

In cropping situations, 3-6L/ha of N-Boost® is applied as a foliar application with water, sprayed at an appropriate water volume (50-200L/ha). The N-Boost® solution is then applied to the target crop at specific growth stages in addition to standard fertiliser applications.

To save costs, N-Boost® is recommended to be used at the same time as a sprayed on herbicide, fungicide or insecticide application (with or without the addition of foliar nitrogen).

Conditions and timing for spraying N-Boost® on to crops vary depending on individual crop types.

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Georgia USA grower Mr R Dowdy broke the world record for soybean yield with 190.23 bushels per acre (12.8 tonnes/ha) of soybeans.

This surpasses his previous record of 171 bushels per acre (11.5 tonnes/ha) in 2016.

N-Boost® was among the key crop inputs credited with helping this renowned USA grower set a new world record for soybean yield in the 2019 Georgia Soybean Production Contest, and was part of a core soybean nutrition programme designed to help soybeans reach their full genetic potential.


Donaghys N-Boost® is the original scientifically proven and trusted Donaghys LessN® with the same ingredients and method of application.